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I know where I work that would come down very quickly because it would be considered offense to some people like with kids that see it.I know from personal experience a lot of people really think its goulish. I wish we could get some store chain to focus on unidentified persons like Wal Mart does missing persons. From what I understand Racine is working with crime lab in Little Rock, Arkansas to see if Christina's dna is uploaded there.

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So been looking and still cant find someone that is understanding... I am looking for what has been lost over the years. With our without our friendly that should be waaaay more than . Or if you just want to have an awesome-ass discussion about awesome-ass shit.

In NCIS: Los Angeles season 3 Callen tells Sam that he remembers the beach as he was born here and used to play on this beach when he was a child.

He remembers how somebody killed his mother who was sitting not far away from him.

Alexa tells Hetty about the background of Callen’s mother.

Her father was a secret agent and swore on his father’s grave that he would end the hostilities.

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