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Just prior to re-joining the Case Mix Nurse Reviewers in 2008, she worked for the DHHS Licensing and Regulatory Services as the Certified Surveyor for the Complaint Hotline.

There were calls by the public for wildlife officials to step in and save the chick. Those at the Biodiversity Research Institute, the organization behind Eaglecam1, have fielded "many inquiries, calls and concerns" about the eaglets -- including a push to have the still-living chick removed from the nest, according to its website. A few decades ago, the story likely would have been very different, Maine wildlife official Charlie Todd told the L. Times."Back in the '70s, each individual [eagle] mattered," said Todd, endangered species coordinator with the Inland Fisheries & Wildlife department. A conservation group and a builder of top-notch acoustic guitars have joined forces to combat the insatiable global appetite for ivory that is threatening the existence of African elephants. "We wouldn't get much else done."Commenters at the institute's site on Thursday morning seemed resigned, calling the death of the smaller of the eaglets "so sad" but "nature's way." "The remaining eaglet is being fed by adults, and it is always best for young eagles to develop bonds and learn life skills from parent eagles," a statement on the institute website reads.Lois Bourque, RN, HSC--Lois has been a Case Mix Nurse for DHHS, Division of Health Care Management, Classification Review/Case Mix Unit, for a total of eleven years.In her 36 years of nursing, she has served in several roles: I. Therapy Team nurse, RN Consultant and Resident Care Director for Residential Care facilities, Program Nurse/Educator for Certified Nursing Assistants, Certified Residential Medication Aide Instructor and Staff Development Trainer. Over the weekend, a chick in a camera-monitored nest in Maine perished, and those watching knew that it was coming. on Thursday launched #Save Elephants, a campaign... Eagles were taken off Maine's threatened species list in 2009. But when it occurs on a webcam, it becomes personal.Before joining the Re Vision Energy team in July of 2007, Hans worked for three years as an electrician at Brooklin Boat Yard in Brooklin, Maine, where he designed and installed marine navigation and communication systems.Hans grew up at Chewonki in Wiscasset, Maine, a non-profit educational foundation. He earned his State of Maine Professional Engineer license in 2015 and leads solar design and engineering for Re Vision Energy’s Liberty branch.Our graduates specialize in precision machining with precision tools using Computer Numerical Controller (CNC) programming and operations.Precision Machining & Manufacturing offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in Machining requiring a mix of general education and hands-on courses."On two hands, you could count how many baby eaglets were hatched in Maine in a given year." A conservation group and a builder of top-notch acoustic guitars have joined forces to combat the insatiable global appetite for ivory that is threatening the existence of African elephants. (Efforts to reach the institute were unsuccessful as of the publication of this post.)Those commenters who were keeping an eye on the birds reported an adult feeding the surviving eaglet but also noted that the chick and the adult ate the remains of the eaglet that had died. Raptor specialist Erynn Call told the Associated Press the webcam was not "a baby monitor." And Todd agreed."It's hoped the webcam can bring information to people," he said, "as opposed to triggering action." The death of an eaglet "is just reality in more than a few nests in Maine and elsewhere."The good news for concerned Eaglecam1 viewers: It looks like the remaining chick has a good shot at survival, according to the institute.PYC is once again offering sail training for women and men this summer. Both men and women over 21 years of age are encouraged to participate.

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