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But this move has also made me aware of my place in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a new way.

The area includes two family wards, as well as two branches, and I’ll be about an hour and a half away from the Atlanta temple – as well as a more plentiful pool of LDS singles in Atlanta.Earlier this year, a Swiss court ruled missionaries are subject to the foreigner-employment quotas, deeming them as "gainfully employed" and falling under worker quotas regarding individuals with particular work skills.Mormon missionaries are unpaid volunteers, serving for two years without compensation and not competing for employment with other workers.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has sent its representatives to Switzerland for a century and a half. senators and representatives — including LDS members such as Sen. "I am continuing to work with other members of Congress to persuade the Swiss government to reconsider its decision and work toward finding a mutually acceptable solution to the problem." The missionary ban stems from bilateral agreements between the EU and the much-smaller EFTA.At present, Switzerland allows a limited quota on the number of LDS missionaries entering from foreign countries — 80 in 2010, 50 in 2011 and none in 2012. Switzerland is not a EU member but joins Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein to currently comprise EFTA.SALT LAKE CITY — While Switzerland and the European Union bickered Tuesday on immigration and foreign-worker agreements, the Swiss' current interpretation and implementation of those policies will result in banning most foreign missionaries from entering the central European nation beginning in 2012. "Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been an integral part of the Swiss landscape for 160 years.The ban will prohibit all religious missionaries coming from the United States and other countries not part of the European Union or European Free Trade Association (EFTA). I'm disappointed the Swiss government is moving forward with a process that will ban missionaries, including LDS missionaries, by 2012," Hatch said Tuesday.According to Naomi Schaefer Riley’s new book Till Faith Do Us Part, 36% of American marriages are now interfaith (when all brands of Protestantism are lumped together).This is up from 15 percent in 1988 and 25 percent in 2006.After living for eight years in Provo, Utah – first as a student at Brigham Young University and later as faculty – I am moving to Georgia.As with most moves, this decision is at once exciting and heart-breaking, as I will meet new people and encounter wonderful experiences, while also leaving behind friends whom I have come to cherish.

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