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Consider, if you are sued, whether you might have insurance coverage under some insurance policy. You should realize that most lawsuits settle, and that the court system is designed to put pressure on you to settle the lawsuit. My attorney doesn't understand I don't have time for this. Adequate preparation for a lawsuit, though, takes time. That means you should follow your attorney's advice about courtroom decorum and behavior, and don't be afraid to ask him or her if something is appropriate. If you are forced to sue someone, it is probably for economic reasons or because communication has broken down. Well, at least my opponent will have to pay my fees. Even if there is a statute saying you can be awarded fees, judges are very reluctant to award them unless the positions your opponent takes are frivolous. Lawsuits are expensive, which means that revenge is expensive. Also, remember that no one asks for the reasonable damages that they feel they are owed; in a lawsuit, they are asking for their best-case scenario. In some large cities, it can take five years for a civil suit to go to trial.

Many policies require that you report incidents to the insurer, so it is important to look at policies as soon as you can. You continually need to reassess whether the lawsuit makes economic sense. Make yourself available to your attorney for discussions regarding the case, including working on discovery and preparation for depositions and trial. It's one of the things that you are paying your lawyer for. Never make the decision to bring a lawsuit based on the possibility that you might be awarded your attorney's fees. By the same token, don't become tied to the amount you have asked for in damages. Even in low-population areas, it is typical for a civil suit to take a year from start to finish.

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If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

Event Arg Function Caller(Int Ptr fp, Object o, Object t, Event Args e) 14 System. If you are spending a large portion of the amount at issue in the lawsuit on legal fees, the lawsuit is probably not a good move. It is not a waste of your time if it helps you to win the lawsuit. It's your best-case scenario, too, and the odds are, if you go to trial or settle the lawsuit, you will receive less than you have asked for. There are numerous psychological tricks for dealing with intimidating people and I’m going to outline the most important ones below.I spend the next 30 minutes comforting her, telling her I'm sorry and that I don't respect her any less now blah blah.Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Most of the time, when women say they don’t want someone who’s intimidated by their success, it has nothing to do with who leads, but rather seeing past success (perhaps being a homeowner, having money or a demanding career) and realizing that, for all of their accomplishments, they can be vulnerable and still need a man to love them and see them as a whole person. BKLNMOM I’ve dated a few guys who assumed I would quit my job as soon as we got serious and “let” them provide and be dependent on them. MAJORISSUES I have guy friends who have said things like they feel guilty or less manly because their wife makes more money than them, or that they’re not pulling their weight by being the primary breadwinner, and I’m like . Give your attorney everything in your relevant files, again even if it is embarrassing or incriminating. Most people can't really afford the expenses of a full-blown lawsuit. Even if you are being sued for starting the arms race, you have to address all the issues raised in the lawsuit as if they were real claims. Make sure that you have a written retainer agreement with your attorney, detailing what you will be charged and for what, and what your attorney will do for you. Giving your attorney insufficient information is like hiring a chauffeur and not telling him or her that your brakes don't work.I do think that for many women, it’s about wanting someone who will value their experiences and treat them like an equal.You might assume that’s what everyone wants, but it’s not. Advertisement If you’re straightforward with the question, you should get some good answers about her history and why she’s worried about intimidation to begin with.

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