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The Beach: Jamie's alcoholism became fully apparent in this scene, where Britney tells her mother to corral him inside so he doesn't get "spotted by a tabloid".

It opened with Britney (Natasha Bassett) filming her new documentary and without hesitating she admitted that she doesn't control her life, seemingly referring to the conservatorship her father has over her.2.

(The first was James Dickey, when President Jimmy Carter took office.) Her work has inspired countless artists across generations and genres, and has found new life in the world of underground hip-hop, where it turns up in a song about incarceration by Binary Star called, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings." Poet, civil-rights activist, entertainer, children's author, Wake Forest University (North Carolina) professor, American icon, grandmother: Angelou's life is immeasurable.

What is quantifiable is her legendary fried chicken, a fact that is not lost on her grandson Elliott, who makes his way to grandma's for a good meal when she's in New York City. Maya Angelou: I knew all sorts of things about her that only I knew because we slept in the same bed.

But now, at 80, Angelou, originally from Stamps, Ark., is a grandmother twice over.

Her son, Guy Johnson, is father to Colin Ashanti Murphy-Johnson, 32, and Elliott Jones, 22.

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    Jones was sentenced to time served and was fined after spending two days in prison in relation to those charges.

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    Camilla Belle Routh (born October 2, 1986) is an American actress.

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    The smarmy trend signaled that theatrical films originally made for 'dirty old men' were now targeted at teenagers, with comedic laughs often directed at the semi-naked young stars. But then Reggie shouted out to his dismay: "This girl's got balls!