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Her reasoning was that sometimes the present moment is boring, painful, or needs an alteration — not mindfulness. Ideally, as children we develop, and are encouraged to enhance our resources and are guided in maximizing their usefulness.

I was surprised by her apparent misunderstanding of mindfulness practice, its uses, and benefits. The dilemma many find themselves in is that they aren’t familiar with their resources. Thoughts race, feelings overwhelm, behaviors seem to come unbidden, the actors barely aware of how they chose what they chose. I invite my clients to be mindful: to attend, without judgment, to the present moment.

I invite them to practice it throughout their week.

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If you’re under the age of 40 (and even if you’re over it), chances are you’re familiar with the phrase “Netflix and chill.” (And if you’re not, you better look that up right now!

Sometimes, what is right now is overwhelming – and that is OK.

And as the only site that offers customizable viewing restrictions, we give you control of the privacy of your photos even after they've been shared.

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