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Harris’s influence expanded thanks to that book, his first.

He spoke at conferences, gave radio and television interviews, and proselytized about the problems of dating and the benefits of courtship, cementing his reputation as a relationships expert A lot has changed since his meteoric rise.

In ascending order of what bothered me most (with the relevant survey disclaimer quotes in italics): 1. "Survey results are also subject to non-sampling error.

When a Chicagoan hears about a meat market, they may just expect a nice slab of ribs. And this quest is at the heart of Curious Citizen Yvette Ambert’s question: How is the dating scene in Chicago?I get off a connecting flight in Newark, en route to Shanghai, to see a mailbox full of notes questioning an item from last night.That item was based on a chart appearing to show that Fox News viewers overall did worse on a test of public-affairs factual knowledge than those who got their news elsewhere, or even than those who said they didn't watch the news at all.We also interrupted dates at bars on the North and South Sides. Tales from men and women, straight people and gay people, and daters of all ages.One of you told us about three separate occasions where you dated men you met on the ‘L’ — all of them named Dave.Harris articulates his theory of dating and courtship in three resources: the initial article for , “Dating Problems, Courtship Solutions,” “I Kissed Dating Goodbye: A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance,” and the sequel, “Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship.” Harris insists his books are not a formula for the perfect relationship, but this claim amounts to empty hedging against the charge of legalism.Harris’s writings provides a robust framework for why dating is the problem and courtship the solution.But as the high court's new term begins today, the chief justice, despite his overall conservative record on the bench, has become a punching bag for candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination.NPR's legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg reports.Why would conservatives dislike “consistently conservative” chief justice John Roberts?Desperately employing rickety rationales twice to uphold Obamacare somehow doesn’t undermine “consistency.” Totenberg forgot Roberts being hailed by magazine in 2012 as similar to Beethoven, Willie Mays, and King Solomon: “Not since King Solomon offered to split the baby has a judge engineered a slicker solution to a bitterly divisive dispute.” This is how memory-challenged NPR began on Monday: RENEE MONTAGNE: It would not have seemed possible when John Roberts ascended to the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

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