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“Why don’t you get comfortable and I shall be there in a minute.” You went and sat on the ground just as Harry walked in with a plate full of chocolate covered strawberries.“I thought we could start with these.” He held one up to your lips and you bit into it, keeping your gaze on Harry’s very intense gaze.

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Logan’s talking with a friend of his, one you should recognize but just don’t, when you inform him you’re going for another drink.You spun around to face Harry and smothered your lips to his.“I love you so much, this is incredible.” Harry smirked.“Hey honey.” He pecked your lips and took your bag and jacket from you.“I have a surprise for you in the lounge room.” You walked around the corner into the room and there was a picnic rug and various pillows laying in the centre of the room with the couches bordering the rug, the TV had a fake fire illuminating the screen and there was an assortment of food and drink off to the side.Liam: You practically had to drag your boyfriend Logan Lerman to the MTV Movie Awards after party.He isn’t one for parties, celebrity parties, but he agreed to go so you could meet a few celebrities.Thank you to all the people who read my first preference and for all those notes! Harry had asked you to come to the party with him, seeing as he needed to bring a date and was currently single. The sound of music coming from the celebrity’s home could be heard from the street as Harry drove up to the door. He got out and came around the car, handing the keys to the valet before opening the passenger door. ” Harry asked with a smile, brushing his warm hand against yours. I created this blog to help myself get on a better road and cope with mental health issues I have faced for many years. Harry told you to come over after work which is what had you standing outside his door waiting for him to open it. Harry: It was no secret to anyone that you are the type of person that enjoyed the more simple things in life, which always frustrated Harry to no end when all he wanted to do was spoil you.

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