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From nude pics to Twitter breakups to trying to fit in, these young men talked honestly about grappling with the challenges of our times. Dawson is a small town and everyone looks out for each other, but from Whitehorse you see anonymous posts talking about people passed out at parties, or doing borderline rapey stuff, saying things like, “I had sex with this borderline unconscious guy or girl or whatever.” It’s really weird — maybe it’s to get a rise out of people, but it’s still pretty strange. I was on Omegle, it’s a website that has “chat roulette,” you get paired with a stranger and it doesn’t show information or gender, so it’s easy to be tricked and I got set up with someone I thought was a 16-year-old girl. A couple of pictures in, I realized she could be a 40-year-old man for all I know.It was through these conversations that reporter Ben Kaplan embarked on a relationship with Central Toronto Academy, a 100-year-old high school that lost an 18-year-old student last year to gun violence and suffered through a long Facebook-fuelled incident of Islamophobia. That’s what the person said and when I was chatting with her, after a couple of days, she said, “I’ll send some nude photos if you send some.” That’s an awesome deal, I thought. There could be naked pictures of me around the deep web.

My place of work is 300 km away from hometown and since my Wife is a government servant, she chose not to relocate with me.

There’s physical life — school, sports, exams, dating, jobs.

And there’s digital life — Snapchat, Instagram, Whats App, Tinder.

In one Confide message - which deletes the sender's name after the first message is open, Weiner tells the girl 'I would bust that tight p***y. We fall in love with things, and we let it kill us. You're married to sexting and your wife is married to Clinton. You attempted to make me feel bad about telling my teacher.

'The app is designed for confidentiality, and automatically deletes messages and images after the first time they are read or viewed. If HRC jumped off of a bridge, your wife would be chasing after her, clutching Hillary's purse and jumping with her.

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