Original newspaper articles dating during 1944

They planned to continue their attack on Nazi-occupied Soviet land in the east, but to simultaneously begin an amphibious invasion from the west on the coast of Normandy, in Nazi-occupied France.On what came to be known as D-Day, Allied troops (predominantly American and British) sent out thousands of ships, planes and tanks across the English Channel toward the beaches of Normandy.D-Day newspaper articles mostly discuss the first day of this epic attack by Allied forces on the Axis Powers on June 6, 1944.The Allied forces planned a clever battle plan that had two parts.It continued to develop through the 1940s, including the introduction of the NHS in 1948.The Arts maintained a powerful presence through the 1940s, helping to lift morale.D-Day newspaper articles described how troops bravely invaded the heavily guarded Normandy coastline that day, and by the end of the day, Allied troops had made important headway towards overtaking Hitler's armies.

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This form details the soldier's rank, dates of service, service number, awards and unit.

Sir Laurence Olivier and Sir Ralph Richardson formed the Old Vic Theatre Company in 1944 and regularly performed in plays such as Shakespeare’s “Richard III”.

British Library Newspapers at Colindale has now closed, and the majority of printed material is under embargo. We have created a short guide to newspaper collections which you will be able to access until March 2014.

Part of Czechoslovakia was given to Hitler during the Munich Conference by England and France, who were trying to prevent another world war by appeasing Hitler.

1939: Hitler and his army attacked Poland on September 1 using their signature Blitzkrieg, meaning "lightening war." When Hitler refused to withdraw his troops, England and France declared war.

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