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Does this difference in religions impact the relationship?Name = Marilyn Years Married = Number of Children = 2 Country & City = South Africa, Cape Town Subject = need advice I have been in a relationship with a muslim man for more than 3years and we have a child together. Are you looking for a serious relationship, true love and marriage? Welcome to Jewish, Jewish Dating & Matchmaking Service for Jewish Singles looking for a serious relationship, romance, friendship, true love & Jewish marriage. The Love Agent Matchmaker will help you by sending e-mails with new dating Jewish women and men that match your preferences.Join free the Jewish Singles community and post your dating profile with photos. Are you too busy to check regularly the Jewish Dating Service for new Jewish Personals? Meet Jewish Singles and find your true love, soul mate and new friends on Jewish, Jewish Dating Service!The second-generation, Jewish-Iranian community of Los Angeles, concentrated heavily in the San Fernando Valley and the West Side, serves as the cross-sector of customary Persian tradition and Western influence.The weight of future marriage eligibility, stringent and theological moral codes, as well as double-standards among sons and daughters, pushes deviant behavior into the shadows of secrecy, while simultaneously creating a contradictory modern sub-culture of dating rituals.

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At stake is the family's reputation and the girl's chance for marriage.Articles should be a minimum of 2 paragraphs in length up to a maximum of 10 pages.Please use proper citation when referencing another writer or speaker.He wants me to convert to the muslim religion before he we can get married.this places pressure on me as Im not sure if iam ready to make that decision yet.On the whole, the process of engagement and matrimony creates a modernized version of Rubin’s gift economy.A beautiful daughter in good standing with refined social graces can allure a suitor of greater status.Families seek to match children with families of equal or greater monetary wealth and reputation among the community, creating a mini-kinship, or “system of categories and statuses” amid Los Angeles, (p 34, Traffic in Women).Lower economic status can be justified if the son is being professionally groomed for success in, for example, medical school.I read that it is permissable for a muslim man to get married to a christian or jewish woman - is this allowed in South Africa.If yes then how would we get married according to muslim customs and processes, in court or how? I see his family every week and I attend all gatherings. He has told me that it might be a problem and we might not end up together because I am not Jewish.

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