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(17 is the age of consent in illinois - if you believe pete was still in the wrong to be dating her, that is another matter) EDIT 2/8/16: let me make this perfectly clear.if you believe pete was wrong to be dating a 17 year old, DO NOT BRING IT UP WITH ME. I DO NOT WANT TO ARGUE WITH YOU ABOUT HUMAN MORALITY.Former Fall Out Boy star Pete Wentz has moved on from his broken marriage to Ashlee Simpson - he has gone public with supermodel girlfriend Meagan Camper.The rocker was spotted out with Camper on Friday, hand in hand. “They were holding hands in the elevator, and a lot of the time had his arm around her,” a source tells the mag about Ashlee and Craig’s recent trip to Los Angeles’ Beverly Center Mall. It was obvious they were a couple.” “He sends flowers to her every day, and that’s only the beginning,” another source says.

going off of this post, the earliest photos of jeanae and pete together show pete’s hair at the time was red on the sides.But Pete Wentz and his pregnant girlfriend Megan Camper didn't look too thrilled about the news as they stepped out in Los Angeles on Tuesday.Perhaps worn out from all the excitement, Megan appeared sombre as she strolled in her hipster-inspired ensemble."Every time I see my son, it looks like he's landing on the moon and discovering new rocks and stuff," Wentz said at the time.They just announced how elated they are to be expecting a baby together.from what i can tell, there is no 100% solid proof that can show us the entirety of the situation.however, from what i have gathered, jeanae was at least 17 (possibly 18) when their relationship began.As if Pete's life isn't difficult enough, not he has to see his protege get some serious face time with his wife! this is a compilation of all the evidence i have found to prove that pete wentz began his relationship with jeanae white when she was of age.i’d like to start by saying that this whole situation is a mess.But even in the early stages of their courtship, Simpson and Wentz were plagued by rumors about their relationship.Shortly after they started dating — after meeting at the MTV VMAs in 2006 — the gossip pages began speculating about the pair, who were often open about addressing the talk.

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