Poedit error updating the catalog failed

When I starting Poeditor without parameters and trying to update translation from source, poeditor throws described error.

Here is a screenshot of my parser setup: https:// 2014-05-21 Here is a screenshot of my pot-file catalog properties: https:// 2014-05-21 Im still unsure if the example of ... Platform: Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.4 (14E46) Poeditor: 1.8.3 (3998) with xgettext 0.19.4.

I had to copy twig-gettext-extractor from /vendor/bin/ because I needed to add some more extensions. :) I understand that you wanna keep it decoupled from Symfony though. I will probably revisit that again and see if I can put it into the console.

But I would like to see people integrating it with frameworks too. It seems that Poedit (1.6.5) understands that "./twig-gettext-extractor" is within the base path.

During such internalization and localization processes, a and file are created.

If you have a reproducible test case (one that doesn’t take half an eternity to setup), by all means, send it to me to have a look.Potx has this limitation that it exports one file for you, so it merges these together (although it should not).One option is to skip exporting strings which are installer only or are both in the installer and in the runtime, so you will not be able to use potx to create a complete translation.You are a big advocate of exporting one file instead of smaller ones. (Anyway, installer translations for contrib modules are only ever used if the builder of an installer profile merges them to the profile translation, they are not searched for in install time even in Drupal 6; this could be a feature request against Drupal 7; not a potx issue :). i place the two files in the file system and call "php potx-cli.php" and one "general.pot" is generated from all files in this directory.After this the file should work without any errors. I said potx has this limitation when used on its own.A file is often created by the plugin or theme author himself and then delivered along with that plugin or theme so that translators can translate such project using Poedit conveniently.When a translator finishes his job, a and a file will be created and will be eventually used by end-users.It seemed that PHP didnt find "gettext" because PHP wasn't allowed to look in /opt/local/bin. Or maybe if you could create a twig-gettext-extractor file that included the vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor file and only had to contain your custom extensions. Trace data before exception: Trace: (poedit.tmp) new temp file /var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poeditm G51s W/14Trace: (poedit.execute) /Applications/Poedit.app/Contents/Plug Ins/Gettext Tools.bundle/Contents/Mac OS/bin//Users/urfin/Public/www/xxxx/xxxx/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor doesn't exist, falling back to /Users/urfin/Public/www/xxxx/xxxx/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor Trace: (poedit.execute) executing: /Users/urfin/Public/www/xxxx/xxxx/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor --sort-output --force-po -o "/var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poeditm G51s W/14extracted.pot" --from-code=UTF-8 -ktranslate -L PHP --files "Application/view/application/index/index.twig" Trace: (poedit.tmp) keeping temp files in /var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poeditm G51s W Trace: (poedit.tmp) removing temp dir /var/folders/7f/hv40gb8x4cgg0v7wsbkm4djr0000gn/T/poeditm G51s W same problem here.This way makes it a bit less easy to keep up to date if/when Twig-Gettext-Extractor updates. start with --keep-temp-files ends in error 66# without --keep-temp-files ends in Trace: (poedit.tmp) removing temp file /var/folders/cz/3_w92y755tg8ksbss737427m0000gn/T/poeditw Rm F08/0Trace: (poedit.tmp) removing temp file /var/folders/cz/3_w92y755tg8ksbss737427m0000gn/T/poeditw Rm F08/1Trace: (poedit.tmp) removing temp file /var/folders/cz/3_w92y755tg8ksbss737427m0000gn/T/poeditw Rm F08/2Trace: (poedit.tmp) removing temp file /var/folders/cz/3_w92y755tg8ksbss737427m0000gn/T/poeditw Rm F08/3Trace: (poedit.tmp) removing temp file /var/folders/cz/3_w92y755tg8ksbss737427m0000gn/T/poeditw Rm F08/4Trace: (poedit.tmp) removing temp file /var/folders/cz/3_w92y755tg8ksbss737427m0000gn/T/poeditw Rm F08/5Trace: (poedit.tmp) removing temp dir /var/folders/cz/3_w92y755tg8ksbss737427m0000gn/T/poeditw Rm F08 Trace: (poedit.tmp) new temp file /var/folders/nw/qt8p5kc174dfrw4r5pf3c67h0000gn/T/poedit Zo Zr EQ/0Trace: (poedit.execute) /Applications/Poedit.app/Contents/Plug Ins/Gettext Tools.bundle/Contents/Mac OS/bin//Users/jzahner/Sites/joshmartin-website/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor doesn't exist, falling back to /Users/jzahner/Sites/joshmartin-website/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor Trace: (poedit.execute) executing: /Users/jzahner/Sites/joshmartin-website/vendor/bin/twig-gettext-extractor --sort-output --force-po -o "/var/folders/nw/qt8p5kc174dfrw4r5pf3c67h0000gn/T/poedit Zo Zr EQ/0extracted.pot" --from-code=UTF-8 -L PHP --files "_angebot.twig" "_index.twig" "_kontakt.twig" "_team.twig" "_technologie.twig" "_werte.twig" "baselayout.twig" Trace: (poedit.tmp) keeping temp files in /var/folders/nw/qt8p5kc174dfrw4r5pf3c67h0000gn/T/poedit Zo Zr EQ Trace: (poedit.tmp) removing temp dir /var/folders/nw/qt8p5kc174dfrw4r5pf3c67h0000gn/T/poedit Zo Zr EQ Sorry, it’s not really clear what you’re asking about — this issue is a bit of a mess to read through and I can’t quite make sense of all it. You can then try the update again from the pot file. With that in mind, I know a lot of our customers are using Polylang with satisfactory results.If your theme is using its own text domain for template customizations, I would strongly suggest reverting back to the Events Calendar text domain in your child theme. But this is also a plugin that we do not officially support. But I am saying we are limited in our ability to help if you stumble upon issues with these plugins.

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