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Under the prevailing federal sentencing guidelines, Thurston’s recommended sentence was between four years and three months and five years and three months. “I think the judge agreed this was not the typical child pornography case,” the lawyer said.

The stroke left Thurston with both neurological and psychological impairments, Merrill said in his motion.

The pages included dozens of sexually explicit images, many of them selfies, or self-portraits, of girls, and said that many of them were from Maine.

We’re not quite at the point of burning books, though there’s a hint of kerosene in the air.By Jerry Harp When my brother-in-law Bob came to town a few years ago, my wife Mary and I managed to give him something close to the quintessential Portland, Oregon, experience in the 18 hours he was here.Mary took him for a walk through the rhododendron garden down the street from where we live, then together we took him to a sushi restaurant famous for its decent food and wretched service (people crowd the sidewalk waiting to get in), and Powell’s City of Books, which we left just in time to get stuck in traffic as the annual Naked Bike Ride went by.Photos on the pages created Thursday, by contrast, showed girls who were scantily clad but not naked.Law enforcement officials said they think all five Facebook pages that had been reported by Thursday morning, starting with “The Purge of Maine” and containing variations of the name in subsequent pages, are related to each other, but they haven’t yet identified who might be responsible for the postings, which were first reported to local police on Tuesday.Three more pages apparently related to a series of “Purge of Maine” explicit photos of Maine girls appeared late Thursday on Facebook, and a person responding to questions posted to an earlier page said all the photos were posted with the consent of the girls depicted in them.The responder also added, “I’ll probably be in jail soon to be honest lol.” Facebook pages earlier in the week containing nude or sexually explicit photos of young Maine girls sparked an outpouring of criticism on social media and launched investigations by several law enforcement agencies around the state.PORTLAND, Maine — A Yarmouth man who suffered a stroke when he was 9 months old was sentenced Wednesday in U. District Court to 2½ years in federal prison on one count of possession of child pornography.Ronald Grant Thurston III, 25, waived indictment and pleaded guilty to the charge in July.By pleading guilty, Thurston admitted that he had sexually explicit photographs of two minor naked females on his cellphone.Thurston, who has been charged with gross sexual assault of a minor in Cumberland County, told investigators that he took the pictures and had sex with the girls when they were 15 and 13 respectively, according to court documents.

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