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One Londoner, who was travelling to the Californian city for a holiday, told the Standard: “They said there was some technical fault with the little truck that tows the plane to the runway.

“So we went back to the gate and they tried to fix it …

By doing so, you are actually tasting a slice of history.

The UK has adopted curry as a "national dish", with more than 9,000 Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants and the creation of British-Asian dishes such as chicken tikka masala and balti, says the National Curry Week website.

Once it just meant Indian food, but "it now denotes various kinds of dish in numerous different parts of the world, but all are savoury and all are spiced," it reads.

These dates were compiled from Internet and book sources by Kate Register of Rice, Virginia. of Australia) 1856 - Burton and Speke discover Lake Tanganyika 1857 - John Speke discovers Lake Victoria 1867 - Alaska sold by Russia to US 1868 - Austro-Hungarian Empire established 1869 - Suez Canal complete 1878 - Serbia, Montenegro and Romania independent 1878 - Cyprus became British 1885 - Congo Free State (Congo State); Britain established Bechuanaland Protectorate in what is now Botswana. African states 1902 - Cuba independence 1903 - Panama independence 1905 - End of the Swedish-Norwegian Union (Norway independent); Sakhalin Island divided between Japan and Russia; Alberta and Saskatchewan become provinces in Canada 1907 - Eastern Oklahoma was called Indian Territory until 1907. 1918 - 1940 - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania were independent.

To learn more about the art of collecting antique and vintage globes, visit OMNITERRUM. 1911 Rhodesia was divided into Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and Southern Rhodesia, the latter becoming a self-governing British colony in 1922.

A British Airways spokesperson said: "Caring for our customers is our highest priority and we are investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident.

but then it turned out that wasn’t the problem so they had to try something else.

“They gave us a bottle of water on the flight but no food – although I did see a member of cabin crew stuffing their face with crisps in the galley.

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