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Hence I created this generic wrapper to lock the window updates.' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Copyright 1999-2015, Shyam Pillai, All Rights Reserved.At every fiftieth line, the macro selects the line and refreshes the screen.

Here’s some sample code that shows how and what to shut off while your code runs. Display Page Breaks ‘note this is a sheet-level setting ‘turn off some Excel functionality so your code runs faster Application. Be sure to turn it back on right before your code ends.

There are tons of sites, pages, and people who are experts as well on this subject, have performed their own tests, and shared their results and ideas.

If you think I missed an important concept for how to optimize Excel VBA performance, or if you’ve got a valuable comment or link to share, please feel free to post here so everyone can benefit. Turn Off Everything But the Essentials While Your Code is Running This optimization explicitly turns off Excel functionality you don’t need to happen (over and over and over) while your code runs.

Raise Number:=vb Object Error ERR_WINDOW_LOCK_FAIL, _ Description:="Unable to set a Power Point window lock" Exit Property End If Else ' Unlock the Window to refresh Lock Window Update (0&) Update Window (hwnd) hwnd = 0 End If End Property 'Sample Usage: Sub Long Processing Sub() ' Lock screen redraw Screen Updating=False ' --- Long time consuming code ' Redraw screen again Screen Updating=True ' Also see below article for another example of usage of the code End Sub It's fairly simple to open a Power Point file (*.ppt) for editing using VBA code however opening a Power Point Show (*.pps) file for editing is altogether another matter. Open method and it defaults to open the file in Slide Show mode. The routine below illustrates a manner of woring around the default behaviour and opening the file for editing.

I have a macro for Excel, nothing too fancy, no objects, just plain old cycles with formulas. Value twice to execute the formulas and to save result as value. With each column memory used by Excel increases significantly and after the macro is done and I save the file - the memory is still used (if I can trust Task Manager).

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