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Seuss’s books, “Oh the Places You’ll Go," but the wording was tweaked to read, “Oh the Places We’ll Go.” RELATED: Harry Connick Jr.'s 'family reunion' with Property Brothers The couple continued to celebrate with a surprise engagement party that Phan originally thought was supposed to be a company holiday party for Scott Brothers Entertainment, the media company where she serves as creative director.

The parents of the happy couple, along with Scott’s siblings — Jonathan, the other “Property Brother,” and J. — were among the family and friends in attendance at the party.

In 2004, the twins founded Scott Real Estate Inc., a company designed to provide clients, in their words, a "one stop shop" for services in buying, selling, renovating properties, as well design consulting and staging open houses.

Scott Real Estate expanded to have an office in the city, and they purchased and renovated homes to use as rentals, leasing them for only 80-percent of the market rates to help renters who were recovering from the ongoing recession.

Chances are you've seen "Property Bothers" Jonathan and Drew Scott — the hottest twins ever to grace reality television — as they team up to help homeowners flip, renovate, sell and buy homes on a series of shows on HGTV. Jonathan enjoyed construction and design, so he became a licensed contractor. How did the Property Brothers get started in show biz? But when it was discovered that handsome real estate expert, Drew had an equally good looking and talented twin brother who also dominated the real estate industry as a licensed contractor, Cineflix got an idea for a new show — put the brothers together flipping properties and use their skills in a complementary way.​HGTV initially turned down The Property Brothers show. Besides being tall, dark, and handsome (thanks to their parents), they are both are karate experts (which is totally sexy and helps them keep fit). Drew Scott got engaged to his long-term girlfriend in 2016, Linda Phan.

Their adorable faces and on-screen antics have won them a huge following on HGTV and beyond. The Property Brothers are the total package: looks, smarts, and personality. But as their wonder twin powers manifested and their first real shot at stardom happened, and viewer interest skyrocketed, they soon found a home on the station. Here is a picture of them as teens working on killer kicks. Jonathan is currently dating a woman by the name of Jacinta, whom he at an event but didn't actually connect with on a more personal level until several months later after spotting her in the background on a photo someone posted on Facebook.​​Linda is roughly an entire foot shorter than her soon-to-be husband.

The success of the show has led to several spinoffs, including Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Scott (along with his two brothers) is also a co-founder of Scott Brothers Entertainment, which creates and produces TV shows, films, and digital content.

Additionally, the twins have launched the lifestyle brand Scott Living and its subsidiary, Dream Homes.

He told the magazine he made sure to keep all relevant exchanges off the computer, not wanting to leave any digital fingerprints Phan could mistakenly stumble onto.

Never stop surprising each other and show them how much you love them by taking the time to do creative, romantic things.

What's the most important lesson about love that you learned from your first marriage?

Drew Scott (born Andrew Alfred Scott; April 28, 1978) is a Canadian actor, realtor, and entrepreneur best known as the co-host (along with his identical twin brother Jonathan), on the TV series Property Brothers.

The home renovation program, which is produced by Cineflix Media, features Drew as the realtor and Jonathan as the contractor.

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