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Pros Your experience really depends on the unit you work for.

The army was barred from the city limits, and Rome had no police force, so the vigiles also became law enforcement officers.Bex is also disciplined about avoiding running up debts."I have a Barclaycard cashback card, but pay this off in full every month," she says."My current place is a pre-fab and was relatively cheap; I may struggle to buy again on my own."Bex bought her three-bed semi-detached house five years ago for £81,000.She has a mortgage for £70,000 with RBS and is now paying the standard variable rate.Cons Low hourly pay to the point where we are making minimum wage.As the result of low hourly wages and doing everything from fighting wild fires for multiple weeks straights at times to structure fires to medical and trauma incidents you would assume our pay would show more than a local city departments which in all honestly don't do all of these things.Over the past three decades, private companies have become a familiar sight on fire lines around the country where green Forest Service trucks are frequently joined by fire engines marked with the logos of private firefighting companies.US Forest Service Chief, Tom Tidwell, says the use of private contractors makes economic sense for the agency. “It's a business risk they have to take, and it provides us with more flexibility.” “The Chief” as he is known in the agency, was in Oakland last year for an event promoting urban forestry where he hinted at a greater role for private firefighting in the future.Advocates refer to increased savings and improved coverage as reasons for combining.Opponents say that it costs jobs and decreases security.

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