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"Then Ayar Oche stood up, displayed a pair of large wings, and said he should be the one to stay at Guanacaure as an idol in order to speak with their father the Sun. Now at the site where he was to remain as an idol, Ayar Oche raised up in flight toward the heavens so high that they could not see him.

He returned and told Ayar Manco that from then on he was to be named Manco Capac.

It has become a major tourist destination, hosting nearly 2 million visitors a year.

The Constitution of Peru designates it as the Historical Capital of Peru. Although the name was used in Quechua, its origin is found in the Aymara language.

Size: 2 cm x 15 cm Fiber: 100% Wool Add a unique touch of Andean native flair to your wardrobe with these Peruvian woven bracelets.

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