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Basic Equipment for Recording The learning curve for the technology needed to record sessions doesn’t have to be steep.The two basic concerns are having easy to use equipment and a manageable way to view and upload your media files.After 72 hours, people remember only 10% of textual info, 65% of audio, but a staggering 95% of audio visual information - so adding a voice to your slides really doesmake better business sense!So, how much more engaging will your visuals be with a Voice-Over? These are all questions I can help you answer while shoiwing you just how easy a Ppt video is to do with your slideshow, a microphone and you.1 Introduction 1.1 This policy is required to ensure police officers using Body Worn Video (BWV) equipment as part of their operational duties are aware of their responsibilities in relation to its use to secure 'best evidence' and to safeguard the integrity of the digital images captured should they need to be produced for evidential purposes.2 Application 2.1 This policy is effective immediately and applies to all police officers and police staff who use BWV or come into contact with the material recorded by BWV.

The most popular use of webcams is the establishment of video links, permitting computers to act as videophones or videoconference stations.

First, it records onto a removable SD card, about each, so you have ever-expandable recording space, unlike a camera with only an internal hard drive that can fill up.

Second, it records in a compressed format to make files more manageable to store and transfer to a computer.

6 Benefits 6.1 This policy will facilitate the use of BWV to; Procedure 1 Introduction 1.1 The use of BWV devices must complement the use of other video and digital evidence gathering devices within the Force.

These Procedures should be considered a minimum standard for the use of BWV devices.

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