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IT TAKES A JEALOUS, MISERABLE, HATEFUL, UNACCOMPLISHED, BROKE, DEPRESSED, UGLY, EVIL, UNDERACHIEVED AND WACK AS HELL INDIVIDUAL TO HATE ON SOMEONES HAPPINESS WHOM THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!IVE HEARD IM A WHORE AND HES A HOE, HES RICH AND IM A GOLD DIGGER, REGARDLESS TO ANY OF THOSE STATEMENTS BEING TRUE OR FALSE, WHAT DOES ANY OF IT HAVE TO DO WITH YOU?Apparently Liz met Ross back in January when she interviewed him, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Then again, Ross doesn’t have a type because every girl he’s dated seems completely different.Guess which rapper this Twitter exec might be dating. (@entertainmentforbreakfast) on Type of special money can't buy. It is no coincidence this album is 🔥 when surrounded by amazing people the world is yours.He released his third album, Deeper Than Rap as a more mature and introspective sound than his first two albums.William Leonard Roberts II, famously known as Rick Ross, is a rapper and an entrepreneur.After finishing college, Ross worked for 18 months as a correctional officer.

Rick Ross has been able to lock down some amazing women over the years.According to reports, India flew down to the Big Apple for Ross’ birthday.Word on the curb is that Ricky Rozay may be dating Twitter exec, Liz Hagelthorn.Do you think they're dating or doing a 3 month follow along interview 👀? 🚢 He never posts her, but he did tag her in an image once. Rick Ross is reportedly dating Twitter executive Liz Hagelthorn.Rumors of their romance have been circulating for a few weeks now despite neither of them confirming anything.The Biggest Bawse has been on a role with the ladies since breaking up with Instagram model Lira Galore.Rick Ross has an amazing professional life, but what about his personal life?The rapper is famous for his relationships, as he always has someone by his side. Though it has not been confirmed that she is indeed the new lady on Ross’ arm, India Love could be Rick Ross’ girlfriend in 2017.Ross always has a girlfriend by his side, and he changes them fast. We have the information about Rick Ross’ dating time line right here, as well as who Rick Ross’ new girlfriend is.Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II, is a rapper and entrepreneur.

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