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In this story, we’ve got the excitement of New York, then we get into the Midwest, which is really the heart of this story, and then things really start to unravel to a climax in the Rockies and the Utah desert.

Years back, I had read this lovely poem that said ‘the desert is where we go to be with death.’” The fictional couple’s near-death experience in the desert leads them to a funeral, and of course, to the bittersweet/hopeful climax could only happen on a Pacific Coast beachfront.

“I just said, ‘Honey, you’re going to have to tuck those things in somehow, or we’re going to have a major continuity problem.’” Let the record show that it’s Sam Jaeger, star of NBC’s Parenthood and writer/producer/director/co-star of the winsome new film Take Me Home, who brings up the subject of his leading lady’s transformation from wispy starlet in most of the movie’s scenes to curvy va-va-voomette in its final one.

But it’s his fault that that change happened in the first place. The process of making Take Me Home began just after Jaeger had completed a relatively complex musical project with Jordan Beckett of the indie band Bootstraps.

After he got his graduation he began to work in the casting office which was situated in the city of New York.

“I felt like the country lays out like a pretty beautiful story itself, heading from the East Coast to West.

Yep, Mae Whitman is renting out her guesthouse to her TV sibling Miles Heizer.

"We're definitely unusually close, just as far as human beings go," Whitman said. "I remember being surprised that there was a 14-year-old boy who could, with such ease and nonchalance, hang out with me and Sarah Ramos, a 20-year-old and a 17-year old," Whitman recalled.

After Thursday night's mid-season finale, there are just four episodes of “Parenthood” left — ever. Sam Jaeger, who plays Joel Graham, talked with about the bittersweet end.

“It feels like the last semester of your senior year,” he said during a break from filming earlier this week.

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