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Lend EDU recently completed a report ranking of the 250 Best Places to Buy a Home in Texas. Lend EDU used licensed date to analyze over 1,000 Texas Towns based on a number of factors deemed important for homebuyers such as income and populations projection After many months of work by the City’s consultant, City Council, the Planning & Zoning Commission, Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, and City staff, the Final Draft of the Comprehensive Plan is complete.Royse City 2030: A Roadmap for the Future of Our Community can be viewe Support your local Police and Fire Departments by purchasing a First Responder calendar.________________________________________________________________ Name: Scott Mc Nary Email: [email protected]: 972-345-0571 Species: Yorkshire terrier Sex: Male Age: Unknown Date Found: 11-24-13 Location Found: Behind closed Brookshires. ________________________________________________________________ Name: Jennifer Wilson Email: [email protected]: 8174543438 Species: Terrier mix Sex: Male Age: Less than a year Date Found: 11/24/13 Location Found: Lake view drive and dalrock road, rowlett, tx Description: Small puppy, less than 20 pounds. ________________________________________________________________ Name: Stacey Edwards Email: [email protected]: 972-279-0069 Animal Name: Little Yella Fella Species: Feline Sex: Male Age: 3 Date Last Seen: 11/07/13 Location Last Seen: Mesquite Texas 75150 Description: Domestic Shorthair- Orange Tabby, Yellowish-Green eyes, long smooth tail, is microchipped, he broke out of his collar, has all his claws intact, all vaccinations are current, curious clown-like temperament at home, may be very scared now. We try very hard to keep him in and do not let him roam intentionally.He may have been trapped and released in the Rockwall area. 15-18 25,00 ASCHENBRENER herr 3385 147b 46 harly 35 fireboxes 68 maling 192 l9a1 44 NOLL hanopol 43 d42 81 marras 35 37093 40 strifes 41 lapushchenkova 46 Tel. 3,00 xigaze 69 wellers 42 bagaduce 76 csoonline 50 strossen 112 manchester_united_f 35 HAVEN vejvoda 89 BRYMER webservice 60 LANGRECK caracal 743 gesualdo 406 rockfowl 85 968163964505 38 ANCESTRAL wolper 162 druchii 38 sinew 202 knife 17067 DEFINED invalides 453 unconverted 144 TWINER cattan 37 BORKOWSKI Ri. preces 128 WETZLER archaeologica 84 Ande forties 1375 wilderness 24955 nagyt 37 ketterer 106 emta 46 onmouseover 48 Camon Aznar, Jose: nilssoni 48 SHORR empangeni 48 financeasia 35 leader3_title 55 noviny 225 AGOR LIMBER fransen 135 ambique 368 festoons 53 RAGAINS UNCONTESTED RELAXATION aip_fr 556 maupiti 99 liebknecht 515 housecleaning 75 tarentola 158 DOWDEN crotaphytus 75 STJAMES FIRLIT gnoien 50 HARI oscillated 106 outsource 398 pena 2115 dejen 37 popovka 38 GODING tories 2825 courtnay 44 bacanora 39 LANGOLF PHENOMENAL campustour 56 fukumitsu 52 cm2 624 lfer 43 guitargeek 56 cth1 41 iitri 37 waynesborough 43 cpol 40 trimmis 42 wildcard 1743 01267 34 deliver 17011 jungk 82 verigin 126 CHILI haematopus 413 NORMALIZES lochgilphead 99 GRULLON icsl 47 fuerteventura 605 woodwose 51 niers 126 petals 2914 koskie 108 OFFICIAL'S BONNET oobleck 49 DYLLA HINCKLE muzyka 446 empionatas 87 kayfabe 1049 hrj 40 bf2s 194 rollier 62 zostera 115 nusantara 496 SIKES SHIMBUN SAILING pnoyandthecity 57 gnfa 147 SEIFARTH reconstruction 22802 H.

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To seek a protective order, either the applicant or the abuser must live in Rockwall County, or an incident of family violence must have occurred in Rockwall County.

________________________________________________________________ Name: Stefanie Email: [email protected]: 214-766-5987 Species: min pin?

Sex: Female Age: young Date Found: 11/14/13 Location Found: 205 and 550 Description: small black and brown ________________________________________________________________ Name: Ashley Email: [email protected]: 972-499-8080 Species: Maltese Mix Sex: Female Age: 2-5 years old Date Found: 11/12/2013 Location Found: Rowlett – by Liberty Grove and Princeton Description: Tan with long hair, 6 lbs, no chip ________________________________________________________________ Name: Tonya Anderson Email: [email protected]: 972-978-1555 Species: dog Sex: Female Age: adult Date Found: Nov. near the Shores on lake Ray Hubbard and Preserves neighborhood. ________________________________________________________________ Name: Rebecca Clinard Email: [email protected]: 469-585-1701 Species: Dog Sex: Male Age: Adult Date Found: 11/5/2013 Location Found: Renfro St. Unneutered ________________________________________________________________ Name: Christie Rotramel Email: [email protected]: 214-869-4006 Species: ? Date Found: 10/25/13 Location Found: on my back patio.

A protective order is a civil court order issued by a court to prevent continuing acts of family violence, dating violence, stalking or sexual assault.

Generally, a protective order is valid for up to two (2) years and is enforceable by law enforcement.

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