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The effect is far less impactful for some than others, but it's always there." And, of course, that piece summoned forth its own little comment war.Browder's apology post is a bit less controversial — or, at least, a quick scan of the accompanying comments doesn't seem to suggest that Blizzard fans are taking up arms against one another over the big "over-sexualized characters" discussion.A game director at Blizzard Entertainment is taking to a company blog to apologize for comments made during a recent interview, though some fans still maintain that Dustin Browder had nothing to apologize for and it was the journalist's questions that were in the wrong. The gaming blog Rock Paper Shotgun published an interview between one of its reporters, Nathan Grayson, and upcoming Heroes of the Storm game director, Dustin Browder, this past Friday. Our sensibilities are more comic book than anything else. Grayson himself even wrote a follow-up piece based on the interview's ending, in which he writes: "The act of creating something and propagating it among millions of people absolutely sends a message, whether you intend to or not.The interview starts off fairly innocuous: Grayson and Browder chat about the "MOBA" game's story and style, the game's microtransaction model, how Heroes of the Storm might fit into the not-so-insignificant e Sports world, and go into the game's inner workings a bit. "You have some interesting alternate outfits for heroes. On its own, that's totally fine – just a silly, goofy thing. But it got me thinking about how often MOBAs tend to hyper-sexualize female characters to a generally preposterous degree – that is to say, make it the norm, not a one-off at all – and Star Craft's own, um, interesting focus choices as of late. Maybe you weren't trying to express any specific viewpoint or hurt anybody's feelings, but implicit messages still peer up from just beneath the surface.There are a several reasons this may be happening, and there are things you can do to have a more consistent, respectful online experience.We had a blast seeing all the cool objects, furniture and designs you chose for our Roommates Room #1 so we’re starting all over again with round 2! Cups are made of spacer fabric that is breathable and crush resistant (great for your travel bra and for warm weather).

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She's a main character who deals with problems in a cool and collected manner, and maintains control of nearly all personal interactions.

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So, I have two distinct but very different sides to my personality. I hate writing get these things so I'll keep it sweet.

How are you planning to approach all of that in Heroes," Grayson asks. "Well, I mean, some of these characters, I would argue, are already hyper-sexualized in a sense. Like it or not, if someone plays games as their main hobby and they constantly see women dressed in objectifying fashions or slotted into subservient roles, that's going to infiltrate their norm.

The interview itself opened up a fairly decent-sized firestorm of critique within the post itself, with a number of commenters bantering back and forth over the appropriateness of Grayson's questioning, the appropriateness of Blizzard's response, and the uncomfortable subject of sexualized characters in video gaming in general.

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