Sheer velocity dating in the dark

Andee has collaborated with artists as diverse as Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Dug Pinnick and Jerry Gaskill (King's X), Boy George and Scissor Sisters.And he loves talking about himself in the third person.Quality: [email protected]Size: 106 Mb Traklist:01. Shear velocity, also called friction velocity, is a form by which a shear stress may be re-written in units of velocity."A precision-fingered assemblage of daredevil works..exotic geometries will be impressed in the fertile fields of your musical mind" - FRACTAL AUDIO "Like early Steve Vai with Rob Zombie producing.Really clever compositions and guitar album I've heard in years!In key moments, it depicts them as lovers locked in a dance they can neither escape nor resist.In the opening song, “Numb,” Em and Ri took the parts of drugged-up sex partners, cross-addicted to a variety of highs.

Shear velocity is used to describe shear-related motion in moving fluids.All-instrumental, guitar-centric extravaganza that veers unsettlingly between exotic beauty and nightmare soundscapes.Daredevil fretboard virtuosity is offset by unpredictable, bizarre and often linear arrangements and a whole world of textures & moods.Each piece is conceived, written, recorded and mixed in one sitting.During particularly prolific periods, as many as two or three of these are finished in a day's time.Like the Beyonce/Jay-Z tour which ran through town a few weeks ago, "Monster" finds its stars performing tit-for-tat, trading the stage for separate sets, in between collaborating as often as makes sense.However much the show may mirror the Jay/Bey tour in form, it offered its own rapport between the stars and established an individual tone.That bled into “No Love,” a two-way revenge tale in which the lovers wound each other but also beg not to be hurt.For a trifecta, they offered “Run This Town” with lyrics that present two people “addicted to the thrill” of a “dangerous love affair.” Ironically, this kind of thing has become schtick for Em and Ri.They've been seeding it ever since their first recorded collaboration in 2010, “Love the Way You Lie,” a pre-“50 Shades of Grey,” S&M tale.Now they're using it as both the glue, and as an enticing subtext, to “Monster,” a 50-plus song extravaganza that touches on enough other moods along the way to keep things interesting.

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