Slackware updating gtk modules

If you are building GTK from the distributed source packages, then you won't need these tools installed; the necessary pieces of the tools are already included in the source packages.

On UNIX-like systems GTK uses the standard GNU build system, using for building shared libraries on multiple platforms.Copy files with the suffix It will print any applications and libraries that are currently missing on your system but required for building.You should install those using your distribution’s package repository.The latest release of Py GTK for GTK 2.24 is available from the following website: More information on accessing and using GNOME's Git server is available at the Gnome developer site.Be aware that Py GTK has some dependencies like pygobject that are needed to run it.If you want to make use of the Gnome libraries in your application, you will also need to install some other packages, such as the Py ORBit, gnome-python, gnome-python-desktop or gnome-python-extras packages.They are available from the Gnome FTP site and its mirrors: If you are writing a new program, we strongly recommend that you use the latest GTK 2.x.You will need to get the GLib, GObject-Introspection, Pango, Gdk-Pixbuf, ATK and GTK packages to build GTK .You may also need some of the external dependencies that are also linked for each version listed below. For additional help, the FAQ is a good starting point.The all-in-one installer lets you choose the components to install so you can get a fully customized install.In order to install Py GTK on Windows, without using the all-in-one bundle, you need: A great companion for helping you develop your Py GTK applications is the Glade user interface designer.

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