South korea expat dating

The fear of the unknown is understandable, but it is also suspicion as security and regulations are not as standardized in Korea as they may be in America or Europe.While many refuse to use apps, more and more of the younger generation are using them and reaping the benefits.The app is one of the biggest successes in the West, however meeting people and dating though apps is still not as common in Korea, why is this?Meeting strangers through apps is considered a ‘blind date’ in the West but the formalities of a ‘blind date’/ ‘소개팅’ is already established in Korea.Coming from a society greatly influenced by Confucian values, Korean expats often struggle to make sense of the American concept of individual freedom. Freed from social obligations, they are able to let go and know that they can do whatever they want without being judged. Someone who’s a joy to be around, is in the moment, and is often the life of the party.Koreans have a bad reputation when it comes to their behavior in a relationship, but they are hopeless romantics.

Koreans are more reluctant to open up to dating apps because they fear they will be conned, scammed or even worse.While dating apps do exist in Korea, there is no single Korean app like Tinder that is pioneering the dating movement.Instead there are numerous vibrant apps which use unique methods and software to create a fun experience.There are so many rules, nearly all of them unspoken. It wasn’t intentional, mind you, but my options were far more limited than they are now. The expat community in Nagasaki was tiny, as was the availability of English-speaking, expat-friendly locals.We are faced with so many options: Do we date other expats? When I moved back abroad, this time to Korea, I was determined not to relive that lengthy dry-spell.This piece was originally written for a local magazine. When should I just ignore my emotional and physical needs and give up?After requesting the piece, they apparently didn’t want it, so here it is for you the reader on the Interwebs. I’ve faced all of these questions over my three years abroad, and I have very few answers to show for the effort.Your SO – which stands for “significant other” for those of you who aren’t down with couple’s slang – is a kimchi fiend.More often than not, when it’s their turn to cook, you’ll find the delicious pickled side dish peeking out from your scrambled egg breakfast or hiding sneakily in your homemade burger.Friends of travelers know this truth more than anyone else: traveling changes a person.If you’ve met someone after they’ve spent time abroad, chances are you met a much different person than had you met them before they boarded the plane to live in Korea.

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