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Parents need to understand that to care does not necessarily mean to coddle.

When it comes to teaching respect and self-restraint, this generation of parents seems all too willing to defer their obligation to teach basic civility to a mean-spirited, materialistic, secular society where indulgence and instant gratification are seen as the mark of success.

First, they began examining her test scores, her communications with parents, and her relationships with colleagues.

Then, with no explanation and no warning, the principal began interrupting her class to pull out students one-by-one to talk to them.

In a recent survey of medium-sized school districts, 25 percent of employees reported that they had been bullied.

The bullying of teachers has become a serious problem.

Preventing and stopping bullying involves a commitment to creating a safe environment where children can thrive, socially and academically, without being afraid.

"Your child could be distracted by a family problem, or maybe he's just not getting enough sleep and can't pay attention," says Marian C.

“I need to get a new job but won’t be able to do so if I am unable to receive even one recommendation from an administrator.

I know it and so do they.” After the Augusta educator resisted being transferred to a new school and new grade level, she began to be scrutinized by her administrators.

We give our children a licence to irresponsibly question and defy authority and we call it empowerment.

In the past, empowerment was more directly linked to maturity, meaning you had to learn the responsibility that came with the exercise of power.

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