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Our admin team work tirelessly to manually check every profile registered on Senior Chatters for accuracy and authenticity.

That way you can be sure that the people you chat with are here for the very same reasons that you are.

In fact it has added a whole new meaning to my rather humdrum life these days.

A pleasure to meet like minded people, met with politeness and respect something not always easily found on other senior chat sites." Keeper of Dreams Still not Convinced?

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46ea" data-image=" Gqc GGXZSHo Te PDfi WENy4D45s=/https://blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/card/image/287200/Cx U_8qo VQAAYPb K.jpg" data-micro="1"He asked if he could still "get a plate" at dinner and she surprisingly said yes. However, the viral attention got back to Grandma in an unideal way.

Jamal Hinton said he was sitting in class when he got a random message in a group chat.

But, what if sweet grandma sends the message to the wrong person?

So when grandma asks you over to Thanksgiving dinner, of course you say yes.

Not only that, our dedicated team of chat room monitors (all volunteer members) help oversee our chat rooms making them run smoothly day-in-day-out. Just clean, fun and friendly chatting for all our members.

I'm Enjoying the Chat Room I must say so far my experience here at Senior Chatters has been a wonderful one indeed.

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