The server quit without updating pid file usrlocalmysqldatamaster pid

So possible solutions are, first up try a straight restart: Not too sure about recreating the file, i tried this and it just removed itself!

But these may not solve the issue, I found a clean install of the latest mysql will address the issue by installing all components from the dmg.

The PID file was then created when I restarted My SQL.

The server quit without updating PID file My SQL RESTART ERROR This error may happens while restarting msql service, Also you can see the error ERROR!

This time you need to locate the mysql process and kill it.

Then restart mysql service again, 120122 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/lib/mysql/ended ————— Here in the logs you can see error in the first line.

Go to lampp/var/ and do chown -R mysql mysql/ That worked for me!

The solution that worked for me was here: Changing some of my permissions seemed to do the trick.

140227 Inno DB: Waiting for the background threads to start 140227 Inno DB: 5.5.35 started; log sequence number 2155325 140227 [ERROR] /usr/sbin/mysqld: unknown variable 'set-variable=100' 140227 [ERROR] Aborting 140227 Inno DB: Starting shutdown...

In the end, cleaning up and following brew doctors advice made it possible to run through the setup described above. I copied the entire lampp folder from /opt to a new server.

So a note to anyone else passing by; don't try to cheat the brew doctor and think you know better! When I tried to start up mysql I got a message: The server quit without updating PID file.

After a lot of googling i saw that i should rename/move file from /etc/mysql to see if mysql starts.

And it start and stop without problems, but if try to connect to database with my software i get this: Then i tried adding/deleting everything from /var/run/mysqld and adding users and groups but nothing changes.

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