Threatening and intimidating behaviour

The College is committed to providing faculty and staff with a safe environment free from threats, intimidation and violence as described in this policy.

The College relies on its managers, supervisors and employees to be alert to the existence of threatening or violent behavior by employees or non-employees (vendors, applicants, visitors, spouses, etc.) against self, others, College property, or property on campus belonging to others.

Examples of violent behavior include, but are not limited to: Human Resources and Public Safety will coordinate the investigation of all reports of threatening or violent behavior promptly and impartially and as confidentially as possible.

The College will take prompt and appropriate action whenever a safety concern arises.

Threatening behavior is defined as an expressed or implied threat to interfere with an individual's health or safety, or with the property of the College, or property on College premises belonging to others, which causes a reasonable apprehension or fear that such harm or injury is about to occur.

Violence in the workplace can take many forms — from a colleague or student who exhibits dangerous or threatening behavior to abusive relationships between partners or family members to random acts of violence by members of the public with no connection to the campus.

When behaviors become intimidating or threatening, you may feel anxious, afraid and concerned for your personal safety.

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