To handle intimidating

There have been employees I knew personally, who never performed that well, but still they manage to keep their jobs because they knew how to be in the boss’s good books.

Learning how to deal or manage your boss is a significant and transferable skill, and will indefinitely decide how far you progress.

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Some socially awkward types have the problem of being a bit too uneasy around certain types of people.

Don't show that you are intimidated, but control the way you react.

Sit firmly in your chair, take deep breaths, and answer the questions calmly and at your own pace.

Here are the big ones: When someone is intimidated by really outgoing people it's that they're worried about having to talk to them and feeling really overwhelmed and like they won't be able to keep up or know what to say.

There's not much to getting past this one except more practice with social and conversation skills so you feel more comfortable in their presence.

They may be really outgoing as well, which can add in all the problems from the point above.Be ready for that negative response, and don't let it get you nervous.My years of experience working for a financial company have led me to face many types of bosses.Some were very hard to deal with, but I was fortunate that I had mostly good ones to look after me.As I moved into sales and marketing, I noticed that bosses were particularly more inclined to build a good rapport with the sales guys.What also helps is improving your own confidence and social skills.You then see these people as closer to your level, rather than them being on a pedestal and you feeling you're a walking example of lame, awkward unworthiness that's lucky to even be talking to them. If you know someone is mean-spirited or gossipy you're going to be on guard around them.because skill checks can get pretty rediculous, where as ability checks (for the most part) are pretty static. Bluff is a charisma based skill, so countering with another Bluff check doesn't make much sense.And there are no skills that are based on wisdom that would make much sense to use either.They loom very, very large, and they tend to be almost aggressive with their questions.We sweat bullets through every minute of the interview, and sigh with relief the minute we finally escape from the sweatbox where we just spent the last half hour trying not to break down. It's tough, but you can handle it if you're prepared.

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