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No handshake...nothing...”Well, [Mutual friend] Tom Cavanagh speaks highly of you,” I said. Her butt had barely hit her seat before she said loudly to the PR execs, “Really? You send a town car to take me to the airport, not a limo? I laughed, as I couldn’t really tell if Shannen was kidding or not. I looked on, becoming more uneasy by the minute as she began bitching about the short notice and the food on board and the temperature in the cabin and everything else.The three of us got seated in the back of the limo; I was sitting directly across from Mischa and her mother as the car prepared to leave.Zap2it is here to help sort through the fact and fiction.The vast majority of drama of “The Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 Story” comes from cast tensions with Shannen Doherty, who famously left the show in its fourth season.

Here’s what could be verified from the movie’s claims.

In 2013, Garth divorced her husband of 12 years and the father of her three daughters, Peter Facinelli.

However, in April 2015, Garth became engaged to actor David Abrams, whom she met on a blind date.

"I remember I could hear the door fly open and everyone screaming and crying.

That's when I was told the boys just had to break up Jennie and Shannen... When Doherty bolted into hair and makeup just as the cast was ready to shoot.

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    Firstly, let’s begin with the 3 most common follies and mistakes guys make when it comes to sex talk: : Bad timing is the most common mistake we make as men.