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Thank god, at least, for this: Love you guys, mean it.

Shares the author's experiences about the relationship of her husband with his twin brother. When they were together they seemed to merge into one complex yet cohesive personality.

When Lynch shot the home movie that James takes of Donna and Laura, he realized that Lee had something special.

Dear Carolyn: I married the man of my dreams, only to return from our honeymoon to find that my twin sister has been secretly sleeping with my now brother-in-law. First, I’m upset my sister is sleeping with someone I now consider family, and for whom this is essentially just a booty call.

One day, when he was moving furniture in Laura Palmer's bedroom, a woman warned Silva not to get locked in the room.

The image of Silva trapped in the room sparked something in Lynch, who then asked Silva if he was an actor.

Jeff spoke of his brother as if he were talking about himself, almost as if he could bi-locate and live two contrasting yet mutually enriching lives.

Frank Silva was a set decorator who worked on the pilot episode.After all, unlike Phil's wife, Carol, who is an only child, I was conditioned even before I was born to be with a twin. "What insight does it give you that's harder for single people to understand? "That pure physical trust that comes when you know someone loves and accepts you completely because they are just like you are." I knew the primordial closeness he was talking about.“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants.There's no money involved, since both twins were millionaires by the time they were 18.Their reason for dating balding men with vision impairments in and around their 50's is truly confounding. What I do know is that the fact the twins were sitting so far away at the same game on a presumably double date is making me feel better about everything going on in the world.But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert Twin Flames stem from one divine spark that eventually split and became two halves of the same soul.I think of twin flames as yet another form of creative expression in God’s divine design. Schulz and Bruce Lee, respectively, if ‘happiness is a warm puppy’ and ‘love is friendship caught on fire,’ then the fire between twin flames is explosive and expands tenfold.When you connect with your twin flame, you’ve come home.Even if you’ve grown wise, mature, and feel completely whole as a person, you will feel even more complete when you encounter your twin flame because it’s not a relationship, it’s a divine union.Also, quick s/o to Ashley's hand, which appears to be holding an imaginary glass of wine.Now, no hate if you're for some strange reason attracted to middle-aged men who are not George Clooney, but these pairings make approximately zero sense.

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