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I didn't realized that the computer got forced to update to latest Windows 10 until my roommate reminded me to hand in a thesis. Read and find effective data recovery methods here now.

This method will work when you can not find desktop files or documents after Windows 10 update.

Not fully wiped just had the stuff I had laying around my Documents and Desktop folders removed.

The installed applications were still there although I can no longer have access to my files, I can still search the drives for the file names and eventually find them in a TEMP folder but I can't open any.

Things even become worse that Windows 10 forced update have caused quite a lot unexpected troubles to quite a lot Windows 10 users. Help." Other troubles such as game files disappear from computer or whole file folder got deleted by Windows 10 forced upgrade may really cause serious result.

Here the below are some serious problems caused by Windows 10 forced update: "I lost my whole semester study works after the Windows 10 forced to update in my computer. How to restore those deleted files due to Windows 10 update?

The upgrade appeared to go smoothly, but when I logged on to Windows 10 for the first time, I realized that I didn’t have any of my settings or files.

I checked the Application event log and sure enough, I was logged in with a TEMP profile.

Also, the proposed fixes (like running didn’t strike me as being very promising.

I connected my user with my MS account and that worked as well.

The problem started, when about 4 days ago i turned on my computer, but after I signed in I got this message: You've been signed in with a temporary profile.

So I open the Local Users and Groups manager (lusrmgr.msc) and checked the group membership of my account.

I found that it was a member of the Administrators group and a Home Users group, but not a member of the Users group.

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