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Use a plugin link from the table below that corresponds to your version of Eclipse.

You can also install the Google Plugin for Eclipse by downloading the update site as an archive and installing from it.

I think I've only ever upgraded once before, all other times I just fresh and I also updated some of my plugin repos to point to kepler too, e.g.

I just don't know the extent to which you can trust the upgrade system.

If you don't have Java 8, the update process may appear to succeed, but Py Dev will simply not show in the target installation.If you do not have Eclipse, download the latest Eclipse version from and install the latest version of the Google plugin for Eclipse, rather than any of these older versions.You can install the Google Plugin for Eclipse using the software installation feature of Eclipse.In the past I've always downloaded the new version, and then manually reinstalled all of the plugins I use - but this is tedious in the extreme. Given finite engineering resources, I'd rather have them work on other features. I just tried Yoxos, but I found it to be poorly designed and confusing to use. An upgrade system isn't free, though, and you use it very, very rarely. If you always download all plugins manually and then deploy it by copying to dropins folder, then while migrating to newer version, just need to copy that folder to the new eclipse.So since Eclipse juno is based on 4.2 instead of 3.7, what is the easiest way to upgrade to it, short of installing a separate copy of juno and re-installing all my existing plugins from 3.7 into it?Now, select Py Dev for Eclipse to install Py Dev (and optionally the Py Dev Mylyn integration or the developer resources, which provide the Py Dev source code) and click Next.Now, read the license agreement and if you accept, select the accept radio button and click Finish.cdt, just for consistency, because actually the juno repo worked fine. It was confusing that some of the updated features did not show as installed, even thought they were.From Existing Installation" to add all the plugins you had in your previous installation.

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