Updating ipod without itunes

The newest version of Apple's software for i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch is here, and for the first time users are able to download the updated i OS for their devices without connecting them to a computer.

With i OS 5.0.1 (which was pushed out quickly to correct a battery draining issue with i OS 5.0.0), i Gadget owners can update their software with nothing but an Internet connection and a little bit of spare time.

Any differences will be explained in more detail later on.

Related Information: How to copy / backup music from an i Phone or i Pod You can then sync your i Pod with Media Monkey without i Tunes. You can install the needed drivers for your i Pod Touch, i Phone, or i Pad by using the Copy Trans Drivers Installer.

However, due to its complexity and restraints in certain areas (such as compatibility limitation with Linux OS and the fact that Apple still uses their own standards for building Windows specific software) there are several alternatives available to manage your i Pod without Apple's i Tunes.

Below you will find a detailed list of i Tunes Alternatives to add and remove music, videos, playlists and artwork on your i Pod.

There was a time when Apple device users had to plug their devices into their PCs or Macs and use i Tunes for device activation, updates, and syncing, but i Tunes is no longer necessary.

All you need to do is gain access to your hidden folders, get into the i Pod's folder, and replace the firmware. Apple's i Pod is a portable multimedia device that is meant for playing and storing of MP3 and AAC format supported audio files.The application i Tunes is used to manage the contents of the i Pod but it can have compatibility issues with the OS of a given computer system and hence alternatives to i Tunes are very much in demand.i Tunes is the standard music application developed by Apple used for managing your i Pod, importing music, transferring of photos, videos and more.i Tunes allows you to synchronize and transfer available songs and videos from your computer to your i Pod and organize them into playlists.Copy Trans Manager is another free and viable option.Share Pod and eph Pod, and a lot more freeware programs are available to allow the i Pod and the computer to interact. An i Pod is a well known multimedia portable device for storing and playing audio files encoded by MP3 (compressed audio specific format) and compressed AAC (Advanced Audio Coding).This guide is intended to guide a user through syncing any Apple portable device including all i Pod versions including the i Pod touch, i Phone, i Pod shuffle, and i Pod nano.Following the steps below will allow you to sync your music from Media Monkey to your device while allowing you to continue to use i Tunes to sync your picture and video without interfering with any of your music files.It is a free product from the makers of Copy Trans Manager, and it can be found here: Trans-Drivers-Installer/3000-18546_4-75300288.html?tag=mncol WARNING: If using the Copy Trans Drivers Installer product with any i Tunes installer from version 10.5 upwards then you will need to install Quicktime manually (if it isn't already installed on your system), without Quicktime installed the Media Monkey i Pod/i Phone plugin will not operate correctly.

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