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Reserved for future work: The monitor directory is for monitor method commands, when smf(5) gets a full service monitor spec.

Monitors and transitions, which I think have been mentioned on the alias before, are closely related.

If a 'generic web front end' was provided, it would need to be kept up to date with every modification to the toolkit.

Quite frankly, it isn't going to be that useful to many people.

Frankfurt Bernd Schemmer Solaris Management Facility delegated restarter for inet services.

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If we will boot Solaris OS in failsafe/CD/DVD/network mode, In that case, no Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) module will be loaded, and its impossible to work on mirrored OS on the installed OS without de-synchronizing the mirrors.

MIB rewrites for IF-MIB, TCP-MIB and UDP-MIB Additional compilation issues: 11. Otherwise, you will need to disable Sun's daemons (see section 2).

Monitoring CPU temp, fan and power supply sensors (LM-SENSORS-MIB) 10. If you need this, for example if you use the Solstice Enterprise Agent, you may wish to run net-snmp as a sub-agent (see section 7).

README.solaris $Id$ This document describes issues relating to compiling, installing and using net-snmp on Solaris. Refer to ORACLE's documentation on how to disable it.

If you disable its agent, you will need to re-create this functionality under net-snmp (eg. ORACLE's SNMP functionality is turned on by default and may be unnecessary if you aren't using ORACLE's Enterprise Manager.

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