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Instructions (to be run from a Linux system, or directly on the NAS itself).

$ wget -q unzip RAIDiator-x86-4.2.24Archive: RAIDiator-x86-4.2.24inflating: RAIDiator-x86-4.2.24 inflating: RAIDiator-x86-V4.2.24_Release $ head -n1 RAIDiator-x86-4.2.24 $ echo -n 'info::name=Ready NASOS,version=6.2.0,time=1372729316,size=56387584,md5sum=5a29e74205983247ba50358a453c9ef2,arch=x86_64,descr=Ready NAS Final Release,release_notes= So basically what we have done, is modify the header, which is only used by the installed OS version to verify if the image is valid, to make it think it is installing a newer version of itself.

Or maybe you already own a NETGEAR Ready NAS product and have troubleshooting or installation questions.

Get answers to your questions in the official NETGEAR Ready NAS community.

Click on Browse and browse to the newly downloaded Storage Sync package file 7.

Have questions about network storage for your business?

To install Storage Sync for the first time, or review system requirements and supported Netgear devices, please visit this page. Open the Ready NAS admin page NAS-IP-Address/admin 2.

So any data on the Ready NAS will be lost, and a backup of any data is essential!

\ A ready made downgrade image is now available: If you want to make your own image basically you will need to download an old RAIDiator release, and modify the header, such that the currently installed OS thinks it is newer, or it will not allow a downgrade.

Once your Ready NAS restarts, log into the Admin page again and move on to the next step.

--Remove Previous Version of Squeeze Center (or Slimserver) and Install New Version-- On the Admin page, go to Services Local tab. Click on Browse and browse to the folder you stored the files in earlier. Select the Squeezecenter 7.3.3 file and click on "Upload and verify image..." 5.

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