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(Ctrl K doesn’t work in IE, Ctrl E does.) Alt Enter – Perform a search from the search box in a new tab.

Ctrl K, Ctrl E – Focus the browser’s built-in search box or focus the address bar if the browser doesn’t have a dedicated search box.

However these shortcuts are not enabled by default.

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But how do you open a particular page easily from a shortcut?

Each browser also has some of its own, browser-specific shortcuts, but learning the ones they have in common will serve you well as you switch between different browsers and computers. Ctrl 1-8 – Switch to the specified tab, counting from the left. Ctrl Tab – Switch to the next tab – in other words, the tab on the right. Ctrl Left Click, Middle Click – Open a link in a background tab. Ctrl F5 – Reload and skip the cache, re-downloading the entire website.

(Ctrl Page Up also works, but not in Internet Explorer.) Ctrl Shift Tab – Switch to the previous tab – in other words, the tab on the left. Shift Left Click – Open a link in a new browser window.

Ctrl G, F3 – Find the next match of the searched text on the page.

Ctrl F, F3 – Open the in-page search box to search on the current page. Ctrl Shift Del – Open the Clear Browsing History window.

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