Validating an assessment tool

The authors hypothesized that subjects would demonstrate improvement across multiple domains of performance with repetition of robotic microsurgical tasks.Methods: In part 1, a novel assessment instrument called the Structured Assessment of Robotic Microsurgical Skills was tested. Assessment validation refers to a process where assessors compare and evaluate against the relevant competency standard/s to ensure, validity, reliability, fairness, flexibility and effectiveness of their: Maxwell (2000) suggests that the concept of ‘professional conversation’ is a good way to describe the process that should occur between assessors during assessment validation activities. Assessment validation may be carried out in a range of ways, by assessors from: Why?In the last few years the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) has placed a much stronger emphasis on assessment validation as a process to ensure the quality and consistency of assessment.In order to use Medscape, your browser must be set to accept cookies delivered by the Medscape site.

In the revised 2005 Standards for Registered Training Organisations Standard 9.2 states that 'The RTO must validate its assessment strategies by: i reviewing, comparing and evaluating the assessment processes, tools and evidence contributing to judgements made by a range of assessors against the same competency standard, at least annually ii documenting any action taken to improve the quality and consistency of assessment.' This really handy resource for practitioners contains a lot of practical material to help assessors and Registered Training Organisations maintain the quality of their assessment systems.

All 50 sessions were subjected to blind evaluation using the assessment instrument.

Primary outcome measures included changes in operative time over the five sessions, and changes in assessment scores for all skill areas.

Workplace trainers who are not experienced LLN practitioners may use the tasks, but should seek advice about their judgements from an experienced practitioner.

Before using these resources, please read through the ACSF assessment task user guide and review the copyright and acknowledgement information.

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