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Last year’s street clashes in this sun-spangled city by the sea have morphed into a different kind of battle — more intimate confrontations in which many families struggle with essential questions of identity.Secular parents, surprised to find their daughter covering her hair in public, worry they are losing their child to extremism., Wertane thinks that her husband, Nabil, is still alive, that her mobile will ring and he will tell her he has found work in Italy, or France, that he will soon be home with money to buy them a house.But now that three years have passed since Nabil paid a trafficker to take him on a boat from Sfax in Tuni­sia to Italy, she is less sure.They had heard stories of men who had made the journey and come back with cars and money to build houses for their children, and Nabil dreamt of doing the same.On March 30th, Wertane returned from visiting her parents with her two young children, and a neighbour told her Nabil had departed the previous evening.The main effect of this system has been to impose on journalists rigorous self- censorship.

What has been the role of social media and the Internet in these uprisings?

In our religion, freedom is limited to the freedom God gives you.” Downstairs, Ibrahim’s father, Saleh Amara, explodes in frustration over his son’s new, post-revolutionary passion.

Saleh and his wife have gone along with some of their 27-year-old’s new restrictions — okay, they’d stop watching soap operas and “Oprah” on TV, because there was too much sexual content — but Saleh says his son goes too far.

Books, newspapers, magazines, broadcast media and Internet access are censored in Saudi Arabia.

In 2014, Reporters Without Borders describes the government as "relentless in its censorship of the Saudi media and the Internet", The Royal Decree On Press and Publications (1982) set up the initial government regulation of Saudi books, newspapers and magazines, as well as all foreign publications sold in the kingdom.

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