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“If that’s your own choice and that’s what you want to do, then more power to you.” Her brand sponsored the 2010 Miss Universe pageant and sells across the USA.

In 2012, Ms Raassii was named as one of Newsweek’s most fearless women alongside Hillary Clinton and she recently published a book: Fashion is Freedom.

The 35-year-old Muslim said she had faced questions over how she could run her Dar Be Dar swimwear line as a follower of a religion that condemns provocative clothing. “Freedom is not about what you put on or take off, it’s about having the choice to do so.

“There's a lot of controversy because I’m a Muslim woman who designs bathing suits and everyone is very quick to judge," Ms Raassi told Mail Online. “If someone wants to wear a bikini to the beach and another woman wants to wear a burkini to the beach – I’m all for that.

Farhad, together with several of his colleagues, are charged with murder and sentenced to death.

6014-Ligabebek-com-Agen-Bola-Terpercaya-Agen-Sbobet-Casino-Sbobet The Basij is a volunteer militia force in the Islamic Republic.In its vision of ethics and morality, Western influences are a one-way ticket to a lifetime of punishment.Tala Raassi says she was subjected to the torture and five days in jail in her native Iran after government-backed militants raided a mixed house party she was attending.Despite starting afresh in the USA, nearly 20 years on, she claims the abuse surrounding her faith lives on. I design bathing suits because I love them, and that’s what I chose to pick in the fashion industry.Shahrzad is the first successful quality production serial on FEN, which is increasingly an important medium of entertainment.Its director, Hassan Fathi, has co-written the script with Naghmeh Samini both diligently observing Islamic redlines but also bold in their messages.Satellite dishes, social networks, putting on make-up, forgetting to pray, and even going to the theatre are all sins that lead to misery, death and – in one instance - even rape for women.In one illustrated story, a ‘sinful’ woman eventually gives birth to a child that ends up repeating the same ‘mistakes’: sitting with a boy and smoking.Iran’s fearsome Basij militia – a paramilitary squad loosely attached to the revolutionary guard – is hard at work imparting morality on the country’s youth.Using illustrated stories that mimic the style of comic strips, they aim to deter Iranians from living a ‘sinful’ Western lifestyle.

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