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So you are dating a terrific person – should you try to progress from casual dating to a committed relationship or “just leave it alone?” In this day and age, is there really a difference between casual dating and a committed relationship?What occurred was the tendency to obtain an instant relationship. (If you still don’t believe us compare real mashed potatoes with instant mashed potatoes and you have your answer right there.) Dating is not a bad thing, It gives the couple the freedom to understand and discover what the other person wants before getting into a relationship. The flow moved at a natural pace, not a forced one. Of course some couples have success going directly into a relationship, but not everyone does.Dating prepares you for the concessions you have to make to be in a relationship with someone.[Read: 16 signs you’re not yet ready for a serious relationship] #2 Odds are, there’s more than one person.Because you’re not serious with any one person, there are probably 2 people in the picture at any given time.Dating and being in a relationship are the two most popular terms these days that have often been used again and again by several couples so much so that many would view the two as synonymous to each other.

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When a couple starts dating, they are supposed to use this time to get to know one another and decide if this person is right for them to have a relationship with.People often tell us “I was in a relationship with so-and-so for 4 months” and we then ask “Well how long did you date before you got into the relationship? The truth is they didn’t date at all really in their mind, but to be quite honest, they DID date.Somewhere in there was a date or two by some definition. Yeah you have to wait longer for the brewed coffee but it tastes better. You can have one faster, but if you wait, you get the better version.Casual dating So, are you still in the non-exclusive stage of casual dating where hearts are fluttering with affection, but nothing’s too sure just yet? This doesn’t mean you’re in a relationship; it means you’re both helping each other with sexual frustration.If there was more to it—something serious—there would have been a discussion.Too often people want to fast forward through the dating process and get right to a relationship.Without dating for a certain period of time, how do you know a relationship with this person will work?When two persons are dating each other then there is no commitment involved at all.But as they spend more time together and get to know each other better then the level of seriousness and commitment starts increasing.Love isn’t a word thrown around lightly when casually dating.Let’s consider the signs, to see where you might be. This isn’t always the case, but there’s a chance that if you’re casually dating, you have a friend who’s also single, and you’re having sex on occasion.

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