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One of her favorite parts in the show is Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. It wouldn't be worth it to go live in a zombie apocalypse to go date that guy.She's even gone as far to say that she wishes she was his girlfriend and that he's the love of her life. Rick Grimes is either a complicated guy or the most blank canvas a person can be. Sometimes he just wants to farm, and then a week later he's biting other dudes to death in the middle of the road.

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"Josh is in New York often, and she's flown out there to be with him." "@shenaegrimes I'll come c ya soon babe x," Josh tweeted last night. Aside from modeling for Burberry, Vogue Hommes International and Levi's 501 Jeans, Josh, who's in his mid-20s, is also an aspiring musician and has a band called Beech.Was it difficult to find a label or other creative people to work with since you have such a unique sound?The thing I care about the most is artistic integrity. I don’t even read interviews or reviews or anything because I just don’t wanna know.Shenae is currently busy filming her new flick, Empire State, in NYC.She stars alongside Liam Hemsworth and Emma Roberts.It's like dating multiple people, and you never know which one is going to show up.Of course that sounds horrible, and here's why that's what dating Rick Grimes would be just like that! From what we've seen, he was calm, cool and collected.Through Blood Diamonds, Pestle befriended Grimes, who invited her on the tour and let her perform "Clay" in front of a live audience on the tour's final two stops (the video for "Clay," which Grimes shot, features footage from these performances).Since Pestle had yet to set up the kind of industry apparatus that usually comes with all this hype, we contacted her on Twitter, hoping to find out more. I had been dreaming of moving to California my entire childhood.This past May, a song called "Clay" by a mysterious singer named HANA suddenly appeared on Soundcloud.When Grimes tweeted the track and told her followers that HANA will be singing backup with Lana Del Rey for on on her tour, people started paying attention.

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