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“Why be on a show for five years and just be mother earth that everyone gets a long with?That would have been really boring for me as an actor.” With an acclaimed role on Angel and a handful of indie films like Tumbleweeds, in her resume, Holloman (whose nickname is Little Monkey) is set for another season of adventure. What was your reaction when Ilene Chaiken told you Tina would date a man? I asked her why, and she just said, it was because it was a story she felt that needed to be told.She was nominated for a Golden Globe and the film received an Academy Award for Best Song.Many of Beals' elaborate dance moves were actually performed by stunt double Marine Jahan.She and Dixon have one daughter together, and Beals has two stepchildren from Dixon's previous marriage.Outside of her acting career, Beals stays active as a tri-athlete and gay-rights activist.I don’t know that I’ve ever fit in and I don’t say that in a bad way.In some ways it is a relief not to fit in because you get to look at different sights equally.

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She felt that since Tina’s history was that she had been engaged to a man when she met Bette, that possibly she was bisexual.

I don’t know that I have always found my tribe" In order to earn some extra money to pay for college tuition, Jennifer worked selling ice cream at Baskin-Robbins and as a babysitter of Steve Edwards’ kids (“Good Day L. She was only 13 years old when she applied for the job at Baskin-Robbins but they hired her because she lied about her age. Her "career" did not last very long though; the job was too boring.

She also served on the board of the Illinois Teenage Institute on Substantial Abuse during several summers.

Thirteen years later, Holloman is one of the most talked about actors on The L Word.

An openly bisexual woman off-screen, Holloman’s character started out four seasons ago as half of gyno-America’s most popular couple and has gone through a grueling couple of years playing, in successions, a stay-at-home wife, doormat, cockled lover, a confused lesbian or reluctant bisexual (depending on who you ask), die-hard friend, single mom, entertainment mogul and, possibly now, forlorn lesbian ex. For Holloman, whose sweetness hides a wickedly fun underbelly, that’s all a part of the ride.

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