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As it seems to become a habit for Yeong Ho to bail Joo Eun out of trouble, can he also help her to reclaim her former looks?

“Oh My Venus” is a 2015 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Hyung Suk.

Your partner needs to have sufficient depth in order to be able to appreciate and respond to your intense feelings.

But she has let herself go over the years and is now overweight and often disregarded and overlooked by society and her coworkers.

On the plane ride back from a quick business trip to the United States, Joo Eun has an embarrassing run-in with Kim Yeong Ho (So Ji Sub) and his two sidekicks, Jang Joon Seong (Sung Hoon) and Kim Ji Woong (Henry Lau).

Instead of an earth-like environment, astronomers discovered an incredibly violent planet, a seething, volcanic cauldron and a host of paradoxes yet to be unraveled.

The mythical Venus-image presents many paradoxes as well.

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