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So yeah, it's about her being in this small town with a bunch of small town people and kind of learning how to be a doctor and a person. We get to makeout a lot.17: So do your characters have instant chemistry?

WB: Yeah, it's one of those things with like the love triangle set-up in the first episode. I'm the kind of freewheeling, living to have fun local guy.

I did a fake public service announcement for The CW back in October.You can definitely expect a lot more of the kind of stuff that makes their relationship frustratingly charming, which is to say that nothing is coming too easily, but all of the stuff in between is pretty fun to watch." While Wade and Zoe will continue to take their sweet time getting to know each other, Bethel does think that a rap battle for Zoe's heart between Wade and George "needs to happen." If the fight for Zoe on "Hart of Dixie" was like a rap battle, then Bethel's consistently shirtless Wade would always come out on top. Look no further than Rachel Bilson's hilarious Funny Or Die video, "Call Me Doctor," which was written and produced by Bethel. " So I rewrote it, and we shot it for nothing over a weekend.Huff Post TV chatted with Bethel about his idea for the Funny Or Die video (Two words: "Doogie Howser"), how Bilson "crushed it so hard" and a potential musical episode in the show's near future. It's also just an incredible release to have put in quite a bit of work now over the past handful of months and finally have it ushered into the world, and to have it not only be received well, but received as broadly as its been. I brought it back to The CW, and they were thrilled with it, and I was so excited about it that I came back to them with another 10 or 12 ideas that I thought could work. Well, the way that I pitched it to them was, "It's an in-your-face, hardcore battle rap of Rachel addressing those who find her unbelievable as a doctor." And they just loved it!After a quick break for the holidays, the show will pick back up in its new time slot on Friday, January 9 at 8/7c. WB: It’s funny that you say this because I was just thinking about it the other day for some random reason and I thought, “Oh man, maybe I’m dating myself here,” but I would say it’s a toss-up between Neve Campbell on , I remember having super hots for Neve Campbell. Wilson got his start in the HBO mini-series Just Jared: What’s been your favorite scene to shoot so far in the new season thus far? This was followed by his role as Corporal Evan "Q-Tip" Stafford in the 2008 HBO mini-series Generation Kill; Bethel appeared in all 7 episodes as well as the HBO documentary short Making Generation Kill.In Hart of Dixie, Bethel played Wade Kinsella, "bad-boy" neighbor to the series' central character, Zoe Hart.When he's not spitting rhymes in his free time, Wilson Bethel takes on the challenge of playing Wade, the resident bad boy on The CW's "Hart of Dixie," who's currently hung up on the adorable Dr. Last we saw of the should-be couple, Zoe had to take a rain check on their date. They had approached me with this idea of a fake PSA about climate change, and I wasn't real crazy with their original idea ...But Bethel says that that's just one of many frustrations to come for Wade-Zoe fans. so I wrote back to them and said that I think we can do something a little edgier with it.(JJ Editor’s Note: Interview took place in August) WB: Rachel [Bilson] and I have been working together again a lot and that’s always fun. At this point, we have a good chemistry going and certainly fans are supportive of that, so that’s nice to have that feel that we’re feeding into what they want. In the last season, the writers made a big point of keeping us apart for most of the season.

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