Who was gia allemand dating

The argument began, as so many do, over something small and seemingly insignificant. Upon returning to his apartment, two long blocks away on Tchoupitoulas Street, Ryan flipped on a single light and slumped on the couch. 12, 2013, they’d said things they could never take back, and Gia’s anger had morphed into something else, dark yet strangely calm.According to Entertainment Weekly, the Australian-born singer, who was on the Fox program in 2008, died at the age of 35.

Gia's boyfriend Ryan Anderson found Gia in her house Monday night.From the outside theirs was a glamorous relationship: the NBA player and the television sweetheart.And indeed, they looked great in the pages of , the 25-year-old Anderson, a 6' 10" power forward for the Pelicans, leaning down and grinning next to the thin, otherworldly beauty with the dazzling smile.The romance between Allemand and Anderson, 25, the New Jersey Nets’ first-round draft choice in 2008, had recently hit a rocky patch, reported Wednesday.But a distraught Anderson, who began dating Allemand in 2011, expressed nothing but love for her Wednesday night.At 29, Gia was two years removed from her TV days, first a season on contestants, she seemed real. Gia talked about how she’d been bullied as a kid, teased so persistently for her dark arm hair that she bleached it.She possessed that rare quality that made viewers feel as if they’d known her their whole lives.She had suffered "critical loss of brain and organ function." Her mom, boyfriend and other friends were in the hospital when she died. PM PT -- Although we do not know the cause of death yet, we were told by multiple people close to Gia that she had been extremely upset about a rocky relationship with her boyfriend Ryan Anderson.But then I saw this pic of Kaley Cuoco, who makes 1,000,000 dollars an episode – or more….which takes a bout a week to do…and thought…she’s got it figured out…because she’s turned her irrelevance into cash money….because she’s convined people she’s not irrelevant.though she’s pushing 40 and not hot…and as she waits around…she takes butt shots for attention…all part of her calculated plan of not mattering but being very expensive in her hot mattering..Kaley Cuoco flashed her panties….either on her way to the SAG awards or on her way home from one of the parties…and it wasn’t award worthy….mainly because there were panties…we prefer pussy…or pubic hair as underwear…but also because the panties she was wearing were not see through or sheer…looked more like some kind of flesh colored spanx…depressing for those of use into seeing all pussy – even Kaley Cuoco pussy…also disappointing because her old plastic surgery ridden face looks terrifying at this angle…but it happened..

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