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In documents dating from 1388, the village is referenced as Haczów.This changes in 1400 to Hoczew, and finally back to Haczów in 1425.Chetock said the most glaring example is Bosel’s handling of public records request from companies wanting electronic copies of recorder documents, which resulted in legal action being taken and Bosel agreeing to pay ,000 in attorney fees to resolve the first case.The second dispute is pending before the Ohio Supreme Court. Two main traditions can be observed in the military architecture of the period.Merv (or Marv, first called by the Greeks Alexandria Margiana and later Antiochia Margiana) was among the biggest cities in all of Central Asia and an important center on the northeastern frontier.W nocie MSZ poinformowało maltańską prezydencję, że „Rząd RP proponuje kandydaturę Jacka Saryusz-Wolskiego na Przewodniczącego Rady Europejskiej”.Swoją kandydaturę potwierdził na Twitterze Jacek Saryusz-Wolski. Nie akceptuję donoszenia na własny kraj i popierania przeciw niemu sankcji.

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The village is the site of Assumption of Mary and St.

One of the most important elements to appear at the Greeks’ inspiration was a , found in the lower town in Merv (Herrmann, Kurbansakhatov, and St. The military system, recognized at these two sites, did not change under the Arsacids, but there were several new developments in this part of the state under the Parthians. The mud-brick curtain wall was erected on a huge , or compacted clay platform. 105-10; Kiani, passim) for protection against raids by nomadic tribes from Dehestān (q.v.; Wolski, 1993, pp. In any event, it was definitely in existence under the Arsacids, and it demonstrates the Parthians’ familiarity with issues of organization and the protection of strategic and fertile territories like, for example, Gorgān. The round plan took advantage of a naturally defensive location while the walls were furnished with a number of projecting towers, and four city gates built of stone blocks.

Old Nisa—the ancient Mitridakent, capital of Parthia built by Mithridates II (r. The weakest points at the corners were strengthened with five massive bastions, and there were characteristic buttresses projecting from the wall at regular intervals, and ramps, giving access to the city gates. In modern Iranian territories, almost no military architecture is known outside the Gorgān plain. 205-09), Ctesiphon (q.v.), and Dura Europos (q.v.; Gerkan, pp. Enemy troops would have first been engaged by a network of small forts like, for example, Khirbeth Jaddalah (FIGURE 4), that would block their path before they could actually attack Hatra.

Michael's Archangel church, built in the end of the 14th century. The site is one of the six with Wooden Churches of Southern Little Poland, on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 2003.

Inside a valuable figural wall paintings dating from 1494 can be seen. It is believed that the Haczów church is the biggest Gothic wooden church in Europe.

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